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Inaccurate Utility Billing Equals Lost Revenue

Inaccurate billing is one of the main drivers of lost revenue for water utilities. Regardless of how your meters are being read, there is always potential for significant error that causes your utility to lose revenue.

Recently, a utility with 7,500 meters experienced a situation where their meter reads were not registering correctly. Their reading system was processing raw read data inaccurately because the software was not configured properly or was out of date. This forced the utility to manually manipulate the data to correct the reads, wasting a great deal of time and energy for each billing cycle.

Finding the Lost Revenue: The utility brought in Raybern to:

  • Perform file analyses of all relevant data.

  • Identify areas where data was inaccurate.

  • Help the utility correct the configuration.


As a result, usage for commercial customers was more accurately measured which resulted in higher revenue for the utility, less time spent processing the bills, and fewer customer complaints.

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