Ransomeware Rescue

Critical Software Support in a Moment's Notice

How will YOU recover from a ransomware attack?  For one small power utility (26,000 accounts), that was a question that had to be answered in practice rather than in theory.  The company was hit with a ransomware attack that crippled their IT infrastructure for a short period of time. While they were able to recover quickly for mission critical systems, some recovery required additional time-sensitive vendor support to ensure their meter reading software remained operational for billing activities.  Raybern Utility Solutions was able to step in and provide that support on behalf of the vendor with a 48 hour turn around, enabling the Utility to continue to read their meters with no disruption in their billing.

As municipal utilities continue to implement smart metering and move toward the IoT (internet of things), there are great advantages to be had, but these advantages can often be overshadowed by cyber-security concerns such as ransomware.  As cyber-security criminals continue to become more adept and cunning, utilities must develop strong defenses against ransomware and follow best practices:

  • Carefully monitor emails, especially those from external or unrecognized sources.

  • Implement a 3-2-1 policy for backing up important files (three copies on two different media, with one in a separate location).

  • Stay on top of updates and patches to reduce exposure to vulnerabilities.

In addition to a strong defense, utilities need to have a plan for mitigation in the event the unthinkable occurs.  Ensuring you have access to and can reinstall critical applications is essential. For the above utility, accessing the software necessary to complete their meter reading without a disruption in billing was a critical need.  In order to ensure the utility was able to stay operational, the vendor requested Raybern Utility Solutions assist them. With just 48-hour notice, the Raybern Utility Solutions team was able to mobilize, and be on-site at the utility to perform the software installation, configuration, testing, and training on updates.

A strong commitment to client advocacy combined with trusted vendor partnerships is just one example of how Raybern Utility Solutions is committed to quality.  We serve as an extension of the Vendor to deliver high quality service while always ensuring that our clients’ needs and goals are the highest priority.