Northeast Water Utility Webinar

"Lessons Learned" Series

This session will cover AMI upgrades & New Billing Systems 

March 18th 11:00am via Zoom

The panelists will share what they learned through the sometimes “painful” process of: 

1. AMI Implementation 

2. Installing a New Billing System 

3. Cyber Security 

The discussions will focus on:

a. Preparation

b. Impact on Staff

c. Vendor Support

d. Overall Outcome


When you register, please submit any questions or comments specific to your particular utility’s needs before the conference. There will be a live chat during the webinar for you to ask questions and add comments during the panel discussion.


You will be sent a recording of the conference and the results of the survey questions.


The goal is to share information and experience as an industry empowering all of us to be more efficient and effective.


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If you cannot make the webinar please still register; that way you can receive the recording via email the next day.