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Webinar was recorded on March 18th 2021
"Lessons Learned" Series
AMI upgrades & New Billing Systems 

Chapter 1 - Introduction to AMI Systems 00:00 -12:09 minute

Chapter 2 - Things to Considering When Choosing Your AMI 12:09-15:48 minute

Chapter 3 - Building a Financial Case for Your AMI Upgrade 15:48-33:45 minute

Chapter 4 - Understanding the Importance of Truncation 33:45-57:39 minute (end)

In this episode the panelists shared what they learned through the sometimes “painful” process of: 

1. AMI Implementation 

2. Installing a New Billing System 

The discussion focused on:

a. Preparation

b. Impact on Staff

c. Vendor Support

d. Overall Outcome

If you'd like a copy of the slide deck to review or to use for your utility please send a request by clicking this link.


Raybern's goal is to share information and experience to empower utilities to be more efficient and effective.


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