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A Smart Utility Consulting Company.  
Helping Utilities Improve Their Existing Operations And Navigate The Transition To New Solutions. 

Raybern Services 
Efficiencies to Reduce Cost & Increase Revenue 

System Performance 

Raybern helps utilities understand their data. We confirm the data is accurate and all systems are talking together as designed. This enables proactive management and early insight into system performance.

AMI System Evaluation

AMI Systems give utilities the ability to obtain detailed usage data helping control water loss and improve billing accuracy. Yet without proper integration and consultation, your new AMI System will fall short of expectations.

Implementation Management 

We deliver timely project management on all aspects of the installation to ensure the success of your smart meter implementation.

Data Accuracy 

Our data audits ensure that your billing data is current and correct. This is an efficient way to recoup lost revenue caused by inaccurate inputs. 

Finding & Fixing Billing Data Anomalies 


Billing Performance Analysis

  • Evaluate Meter Reading System

      Configuration & Validation


  • Review Problematic End Points

      Causing Manual Read Entries


  • Analysis of Billing Exceptions Causing Manual         Manipulation of Reads in Billing System

  • Evaluate Billing Accuracy 

Serving Water & Electric Utilities in:


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Serving 120 Utilities in 13 States 
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About Us

About Us

As Founder & CEO of Raybern Consulting, Ann Marie Ronan’s goal is to ensure that utilities have the tools in the field and the understanding to get the best value out of their resources. The Raybern team is experienced with all aspects of a Utility’s daily operations including: billing, read management, meter replacement and inventory management, work order management, and asset management.

Raybern understands the challenges being faced by all stakeholders in the client’s utility.  Raybern's knowledge and expertise helps utilities optimize their systems so they can realize the full value out of the investments they have made.

Raybern Consulting is a certified WBE in MA and is registered with the SBA as a WOB (woman owned business). As an Equal Opportunity Employer we are committed to hiring and training people of all backgrounds to address the growing need of suppling the utilities industry with highest level of talent available.

Office Locations

1213 Purchase Street, Unit 2, New Bedford, MA 02740

 Hamilton NJ - Schenectady NY - Ft Lauderdale FL - Newport RI    

New Haven CT - Brunswick ME

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