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Installing New Utility Billing System 

So you’ve finally decided on a new Utility billing system, now the question is how to make the transition as painless as possible.


You're changing a billing system for a reason….

  1. Outdated or no longer supported - inefficient

  2. City or Town is doing a system wide upgrade

  3. Remote work access requirements need to be Cloud based

  4. Does not interface with other critical systems


Regardless of your reason for switching, it is crucial that Utility operations are not disrupted and billing is seamless to avoid customer service nightmares.


Billing vendors typically migrate Utility data into their system according to THEIR requirements - as opposed to fitting their system to meet YOUR operational needs. This causes the new systems to fall short of expectations.


How to Ensure You Get What You Want:

  • Make sure that you are migrating clean data.

  • You must have a good understanding of your current system configuration.

  • Outline current work flows for the new vendor.

  • Identify critical data and ensure that it is migrated to the new system.

  • Comprehensive testing to ensure the new system meets your expectations.


Bringing in third party integration specialists like Raybern ensures that the billing system vendor deliverables align with your expectations. 

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