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Selecting & Implementing AMI Systems Cellular, Fixed, or Hybrid

Recording of Webinar held on November 2nd, 2023.

How to evaluate and select the best AMI System to fit YOUR utility's operational needs. Look beyond the sales pitch and dive in to the details of exactly what your utility requires. Understand how the new platform affects every department that will be using it.

The Panelists are Utility Personnel who will share what they learned:

1. AMI or not to AMI

2. Cellular or Fixed Network or Hybrid (combination of cellular and fixed)

3. How to Avoid Creating a "War Story"

The discussions will focus on:

a. Selection

b. Impact on Staff

c. Vendor Support

d. Overall Outcome

The goal is to share information and experience as an industry empowering all of us to be more efficient and effective.

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